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New ACKU Station at American University of Afghanistan


On February 28, an ACKU station was officially opened at American University of Afghanistan (AUAF). In attendance were Mr. Sharif Fayez, founder of AUAF, Nancy Hatch Dupree, Executive Coordinator of ACKU, Abdul Waheed Wafa, Executive Director of ACKU, and Dr. Rebecca Miller, Library Director at AUAF, and a significant number of students from AUAF.

Dr. Rebecca Miller warmly welcomed ACKU members and the participants. Nancy talked about the history of ACKU, how the center was established in Peshawar and about its move to Kabul University. In her opening speech, Nancy mentioned that ACKU’s mission is to share information for the sake of nation-building. She added that “books look lovely in the shelves, but they are useless if we do not take them off the shelves and use them.” In her speech she also emphasized the importance of research.

Abdul Waheed Wafa briefly introduced and presented the ACKU online database to the students. He said that ACKU has not stopped doing what Nancy did in Peshawar; ACKU now has more than one hundred thousand items in its collection related to Afghanistan. Mr. Wafa requested that students become active users of ACKU resources.

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Oral histories available at ACKU


ACKU is proud to have been chosen as a depository of 684 computer optical discs containing oral histories, folklore and interviews recorded by Margaret Mills, the leading expert on Afghan folklore. These recordings in Dari were made by Professor Mills mainly in Herat between 1975 and 2004. By sharing her research, this distinguished folklore scholar strengthens the field of research for students in Afghanistan.

Farmer in Laghman Finds Needed Information at ACKU


From USAID Afghanistan's Facebook page:

Sangar Khan, a farmer from Laghman, needed information to better understand a new crop. He found the exact details he needed in a book titled “Vegetables,” during a visit to a USAID-supported library at the Afghanistan Center at Kabul University (ACKU) in Laghman. He was able to learn how to cultivate cauliflower and increase irrigation from this resource. USAID supported ACKU through The Asia Foundation to spread knowledge and encourage a culture of reading in Afghanistan. Currently USAID has helped to support the establishment and maintenance of 233 such libraries across the country.

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ACKU in 2015


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Research presentation: Understanding the Face of Insurgency


ACKU hosted a research presentation, Understanding the Face of Insurgency, a panel discussion on violent extremism on January 17, 2016. Representatives from organizations including the Liaison Office (TLO), Research Institute for Women Peace & Security (RIWPS), Cooperation for Peace and Unity (CPAU) and the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) participated and presented their research findings.

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